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01.Conversations with Mormon Authors
02.Silent Notes Taken: Personal Essays by Mormon New Yorkers
03.City Saints: Mormons in the New York Metropolis
04.Conversations with Mormon Authors
05.Salt Water Jetty
06.Lullaby of the Animals
07.Hancock County
08.A Thoughtful Faith: Essays on Belief by Mormon Scholars
09.El Lamanita Mestizo
10.Somos Cristianos Porque...
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On the Road with Joseph Smith
On the Road With Joseph Smith is Richard Lyman Bushman's private account of the events surrounding the publication of his great work, Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling (Knopf, 2005). It includes his personal thoughts and his correspondence with critics, be
Conversations with Mormon Authors
What makes someone a Mormon author? What influences them? Can a Mormon produce great writing and remain faithful to the Church? What makes good writing? Faithful writing? And how do you produce that writing? This groundbreaking collection includes intervi
The Place of Knowing: A Spiritual Autobiography
Author Emma Lou Warner Thayne reads her own story of facing death. Here is urgent information in a world of doubt and a great fear of death. Having been to the place of knowing, Emma Lou Warner Thayne returns from death with a promise to make light as r
Conversations with Mormon Authors
What makes someone a Mormon author? What influences them? Can a Mormon produce great writing and remain faithful to the Church? What makes good writing? Faithful writing? And how do you produce that writing? This groundbreaking collection includes intervi
Don\'t Forget to Remember
A story about a teen, his machine and the unforseen. This contemporary musical deals with the communication problems between parents and youth. And how each party had responsibility in the matter. A motorcycle crash enables a young man to travel back in ti
The Dance
Come to the dance and meet: Neil and Karen “the perfect married couple” to everyone but themselves; Howard, still searching for “the right one” 14 years after his mission, and Alison, a recently divorced mother of three; Brad, 18, and suffering from his fi
Charlie\'s Monument
It is the frontier! It is 1890. He has only one arm and a twisted foot. He stands on the mountain bravely watching over the town that cast him out -- piling stones in some frail hope that he'll be remembered. Then he is loved by one who sees and mirrors th
Two plays that appear to tell two different stories about sacrifice. The first, 'Altars', based on the story of Abraham and Isaac, is an up-close look at the concept of sacrifice, both in the literal sense, and in the day-to-day giving up of one's self
The Dreambuilder
In an eclectic mix of the ancient and the contemporary, Dream Builder retells the story of Noah and the ark. For 600 years, opposed by an unfriendly district council, the decidedly unhandy Noah has tried and failed to make his building projects match his d
A Stranger for Christmas
Florence and Myrna, residents of a rest home in Pasadena, make up a story to test Myrna's children. Florence has never had a real family Christmas. Myrna had years of storybook Christmases with her five children who live in Idaho, but now her health needs
The setting is a middle-class LDS home in Salt Lake City on a General Conference weekend. The three eldest children, now living away from home have come together to celebrate the missionary farewell of their youngest brother, Billy. They are also concerned
Matters of the Heart
A heartwrenching and inspired look at a Stake President's family who's youngest son returns early from a Full time LDS Mission. We come to know and love and empathise with each of the characters in the play because each of them could be someone we have kno
"If one is allowed only a few peak experiences in life, one for me was watching the text emerge of Thomas Rogers' play Huebener. The work is a product of our local culture which has universal meaning. It invites all to consider models in addition to the pi
And Some Cried Fraud
Based, in part, on "The Trial Of The Stick Of Joseph". We enter a courtroom to determine that the Book Of Mormon is true. A powerful testimony builder.
Play the Drum so it is Heard Again
Dr. Whitman's play was born out of a love for the Indian people, but even more out of his sensitivity to the workings of the Human heart -- whether it beats against a white skin or a brown skin. The play has it's basis in historical characters but still ca
One House-Divided
What happened before Joseph Smith's First Vision? Why did such a young man inquire so earnestly of the Lord as to which Church was true? This fine drama offers some possible answers to these and many more questions. A powerful and moving story about a fami
Move On!
Available again after many years! This is the compilation of journal entries and diary accounts of the Saints crossing of the plains to found their new home in the Zion of the Rocky Mountains. Through stirring true to life scenes and monologues and folk so
The Mantle of the Prophet
This beautifully written play, composed in verse as only Dr. Larson can do it, will move all those who come in contact with it. Dealing with the martyrdom of the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith, it shows how his responsibilities, his "mantle", eventually fel
Hancock County
The play is set in Illinois in June 1844, in the aftermath of the martyrdom of the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith and his older brother Hyrum at Carthage Jail. The killings had been executed by a mob, which made it impossible to determine which rounds fired a
The Brothers
Hunted and persecuted, Hyrum Smith and his brother, Joseph hide, wait and watch. Mobs of unruly men are searching for them thinking of nothing but death. But the Lord watches over his chosen; they have safety, and a time to reflect." When will it end? Wher
And They Shall Be Gathered
When the Mormons first ventured into Armenia, now Turkey, the missionaries were met with mistrust, suspicion and occasional violence. Those who accepted the messages from the missionaries were often split from their families and, because of the need for di

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